About Us

Hi there,  

We're Jessica and Rachel, two sisters living in Waterloo, Ontario.  

We found ourselves working in slums throughout our childhood, befriending those in poverty. In Kibera, Africa’s largest slum on the outskirts of Nairobi, live Mercy and Alice, women who society would describe as broken, destitute, and hopeless. Yet none of these words define the bright and hopeful women we met. When we met Mercy, she was taking sewing lessons to make and sell handcrafted bags to support her family. After hearing these women’s stories of changing what defines them, we were inspired to act, and She Carries Hope was born. SheCarriesHope.com is a non-profit e-commerce store selling items made by these Kenyan women, and returning all proceeds to them.

We created and manage all aspects of the venture, from web design, advertising, creating and shipping inventory, and financial transfers. Each item sold enables you to help them control their future. Our buyers are impacted as they influence a story taking shape that’s bigger than themselves: a story of hope, enablement, and plans for a better future.  

We think that She Carries Hope really embodies the mission of what we want to do- as each item represents the hard work the women have put into fighting for hope for them and their loved ones, and our customers are carrying around a symbol of that hope.

These bags make great gifts with a story attached.  Please contact us at info@shecarrieshope.com if you have any questions.

Thanks for your support!

Jessica and Rachel